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Where to Watch the Best Japanese Porn Videos

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When Japanese companies do something, they make sure to put out the best quality work. This is true in the case of porn as well. Japan has long been incredibly open to sex that even some of their greatest artworks have pornographic themes. In fact, Japanese people are so openminded about sex that even their porn actresses are lauded more as celebrities than as sex workers.


When you search for Japanese porn online, you’re sure to be bombarded by literally millions of videos of Japanese women in all sorts of compromising positions. Having so many choices can be a bit overwhelming. To help you in separating the good-quality porn from the mediocre ones, here’s a list of resources for where to find the best of the best of free Japanese porn.

r/uncensoredasian on Reddit

If there’s one problem almost all of us have with Asian sex movies, it’s the censorship. Censorship laws in Japan and other Asian countries can be a huge hassle if you want to get up close and personal with your favorite porn actresses. While censored porn is the norm, you’ll still find many uncensored videos if you look hard enough. To help with that search, the r/uncensoredasian subreddit compiles some of the best uncensored Asian sex movies, though the majority of the content is Japanese.

JAV is an acronym you’ve no doubt seen countless times before. It means “Japanese Adult Video,” and you know there are millions of them all over the web. The issue with JAV is that while a lot of their videos are available on free tube sites, many of these videos tend to be cut short right at the money shot. To counter this, VJav was created. VJav is a porn tube site that features only free Japanese porn. Here, you’ll find some content that usually requires a subscription from other sites. If there’s an incredibly specific porn video that you want to watch in full, VJav is the site that’s most likely to have it.

Jav Guru is a free Japanese porn site that contains rips of Japanese porn DVDs. In the site, you’ll find thousands of DVD covers that will give you some clue about what the videos are all about. While the DVD covers are written in Japanese, you’ll also find some English text in the site that will guide you towards the videos you want to see. The videos on Jav Guru are usually full-length porn movies with a fairly impressive plot. So if you’re looking to spend an entire 2 hours or more just watching some porn with a semblance of a plot, this is where you’ll find the videos for you.


Avgle is an acronym for Adult Video Google. While the site itself isn’t as impressive in terms of keyword searches as PornHub, Avgle is still one of the easiest free Japanese porn sites to navigate. One thing you might enjoy about Avgle is their new section of VR porn. In this section, you’ll find HD augmented reality porn videos that other sites might not offer. The selection is fairly impressive, and it’s updated several times a week with new porn videos.

Quench your thirst for Japanese porn videos with these sites. With the many gorgeous JAV idols out there, there’s always some new porn to discover every day!